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Why no-code? 

  • Transform your business faster than competitors
  • Scale and Upgrade your system as your business grows
  • Achieve more value with the same investment

We Are

Custom Software Solution

We believe every business have different challenges and require fully customised solutions which accurately tailored to unique requirements. 

Integration & Automation

Business that already uses multiple platform but faces trouble with double entry.  Therefore we don't reinvent the wheel by automating and integrating multiple platforms together creating an ecosystem.

Website Development

The first step to digitalise business is to have a website that showcase product and services through branding.  We believe that a good website has to be aesthetically pleasing and also user centric.

How We Do It

Group 166

Our Clients

Offset BW
NailzHaus BW
Donna Beauty
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Yunglee Records
Edufarm logo square

Really enjoy working with you guys. There were some concerns here and there but you guys are very responsive and reacted really promptly. Things to do AND also maybe some additional scope or changes were given to you guys along the way but you guys displayed real responsibility and carried it through. Really appreciate.

Offset Technologies

one word to describe Proteus: Respons-ible/ive

With No Code, technology is affordable.
Digital transformation, now for everyone.

No-code Era
Why Partner With Proteus

Proteus works on providing quality services by understanding customer requirements and providing solutions based on experience and industry standards. Tapping into our niche skillset and expertise, we aim to help entrepreneurs kickstart their innovations and businesses in their digital transformation journey.

What’s more, our web app developer team is fully based in Singapore, allowing us to provide fast and reliable customer support. We place quality above everything else. If you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile, then look no further.

Practising Management Consultant PMC

PMC no. 11059

wp engine

Engine Partner



  • What is No Code?
    No code is a way to create software or applications without writing traditional computer code. Using Visual Programming tools, a no-code developer will work their magic on a blank canvas to develop the software using logic and workflows. (Read More)
  • What is Digital Transformation?
    Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of an organisation's operations, processes, and culture to fundamentally change how it operates and delivers value to customers. By embracing digital transformation, businesses can optimise their operations, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape. (Read More)
  • How does No code help a startup?
    For startups that have a great idea to launch in the market, we develop Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and prototype’s using No Code Technology that is faster to develop, provides better ROI, and highly flexible. (Read More)
  • How does No-Code help an enterprise?
    For enterprises that want to improve their business processes, we provide websites, custom web applications, automation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems using No-Code Technology that is faster to implement and offers integration abilities of data across your organization. (Read More)
  • Are there any case studies available?
    Find the case studies of our projects here.
  • What is the first step if I need a digital transformation for my business?
    If you have something you want to build, drop us a message here and we will discover the possibilities together!
  • Are there any eligible grants?
    Yes! Singaporean-owned entities will be eligible for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and this grant will support up to 50% of the cost. PROTEUS have specialised in-house PMC-certified managers that can help you with EDG. Talk to us to learn more!
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