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Custom Web Development Solutions

TL;DR Your Goal = Our Goal

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Beyond Pixels and Code: Digital Transformation the PROTEUS-DT Way

When you think of web development, what comes to mind? Lines of code, complex algorithms, or perhaps intricate designs? But at PROTEUS-DT, we see it differently. We see art. We craft simple and easy-to-navigate web development solutions without the complexities that coding brings.

Crafting Stories Across Sectors through Website Development Singapore


Transform your salon with an integrated system that streamlines bookings, optimises membership management, and simplifies payments.


Revolutionise your café with a digital solution that instantly sends orders to the kitchen, provides real-time stock updates to chefs, and enables seamless tap-to-pay options.

Car & Dealership

Enhance a showroom experience with a tracking system for sales, swift loan processing, and a customer service interface that guarantees satisfaction.


Upgrade your factory operation with a platform that connects suppliers at the click of a button and turns every quote into a potential sealed deal.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Reimagine digital tools by creating CRM systems reminiscent of friendly chats and content systems that make every post a delightful experience.


Transform learning with a digital campus that brings lessons to life, automates schedule planning, and makes assignments engaging and meaningful.

Logistics & Transportation

Craft a logistics network where every package's journey is traceable, GPS does more than locate, and fleets run with optimum efficiency.

...and many more sectors benefit from our problem-solving approach to website development.

Not Just a Tool for Modernisation, But a Revolution in Digital Transformation


Booking system • E-commerce • Payment Gateway • Review • Membership 

Software as a Service (Saas)

Customer Relation Management • Social Media • Content Management System •  POS •  On demand system

Freight Forwarding

Bill of lading generation • Invoicing • Inventory • Delivery Order  Freight Manifest  Demurrage Calculation


POS system • Payment gateway • Kitchen Management • Table Ordering • Supplier Procurement • Payroll System


Quotation System • Supplier Management • Purchase Order • Pricelist • E-signing

Logistics & Transportation

Warehouse Management System • Picking & Packing • Delivery Order • Unstuffing • EPOD • GPS tracking • Assigning • Fleet Management

Car & Dealership

Inventory • Sale agreement • Purchase Agreement • Invoicing • Payment • Receipt • Commission • Bank Loan Application • Insurance Application • Hire Purchase 


Learning Management System • Digital Classroom • Video Calling • Assignment Timetable  Scheduling

Hospitality & Airlines

Payroll System • Invoicing • Accounting

Why PROTEUS-DT for Web Development Solutions?

  1. Beyond one-size-fits-all: Because every business is unique, we go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions and craft strategies and services that are specifically designed to suit your individual company demands.

  2. Masters of diversity: From salons to schools, we can build many solutions for one problem. No matter the industry or need, we can customise for you.

  3. Inventive to the core: We love to break the ice of innovation — whether you want something modern or with a touch of old fashion, we can design a website that speaks for your business.

So, why wait? Let's tackle your business problems together and bring your visions to life. Ready to co-author the next chapter? PROTEUS-DT is just a call away.

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