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Chief Operating Officer

Amos Tan

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Proteus-DT, I lead the team in assisting SMEs to enhance their digital maturity and oversee daily operations to maintain top-notch service quality. Internally, I spearhead innovation to uphold our position as a digital transformation leader. Prioritising continuous learning, I provide mentorship to the team to ensure everyone grows during their time here.

Experience & Expertise:

I bring expertise in managing corporate vendors, negotiating contracts, UX research, business development, business process consultancy, operations consultancy, and systems thinking. I’m also certified as a Practising Management Consultant (PMC).

Typical Day at the Office:

My day begins with handling daily tasks and administrative work for the first 15-30 minutes upon arriving at the office. Most of my time is dedicated to collaborating with the team for prompt, high-quality project completion. I engage with prospects and customers to uphold service quality, and I closely monitor operations, overall efficiency, and team morale.

Hobbies & Interests:

When I’m not working, I’m either in the gym or reading.

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