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Junior UIUX Designer

Edmund Loke Khai Sern

As a Junior UI/UX Designer at Proteus-DT, I create intuitive experiences that focus on the users’ goals through my designs. I also explore areas for potential improvements and suggest ideas to enhance the overall user experience. To ensure the best experience for the user, I will continuously communicate with the stakeholders in order to get their feedback and make the necessary enhancements.

Experience and Expertise:

With a background in Information Technology, I have explored various areas in this field and eventually discovered my passion for UX design. In my pursuit for UX design, I have studied several online courses and earned a professional certificate. Furthermore, I have completed an internship in UI/UX design during my summer break.

Favourite Part About Working at Proteus-DT:

What I enjoy most about working at Proteus would be its conducive work environment. Everyone here are really friendly and respectful with one another which creates a positive and motivating atmosphere.

Fun fact:

I like to drink cold beverages but I can't take the cold.

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