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Junior UIUX Designer

Izac Goh

As a Junior UI/UX Designer at Proteus-DT, I analyse and enhance UI designs, create intuitive interfaces, prototypes, and conduct usability tests. I prepare reports on design performance metrics, modify designs based on feedback, and propose solutions. With a broad perspective on UI design concepts, I explore new possibilities to optimise the user experience and make recommendations based on data interpretation.

Experience and Expertise:

I specialise in creating intuitive and responsive user interfaces. My experience includes analysing and modifying UI designs to enhance the user experience. I also possess expertise in programming languages, graphic design tools, and universal design principles.

Favourite Part About Working at Proteus-DT:

This is a young and dynamic company, and as a designer, I truly value the emphasis on creative freedom. There's no micromanaging, allowing designers flexibility as long as our designs serve a purpose. Additionally, the friendly colleagues contribute to a positive work environment where everyone enjoys their work.

Hobbies and Interests:

I enjoy watching movies, TV series, and documentaries.

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