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Chief Design & Marketing Officer

Tan Jia Qi

As the head of Proteus-DT’s design and marketing team, I ensure cohesive brand representation across products, services, and marketing by actively collaborating with other departments to align design efforts with overall business strategies. I oversee creative asset development, aligning UI/UX design standards with marketing efforts and ensuring effective communication of the brand’s message. Additionally, I proactively mitigate design and marketing risks.

Experience and Expertise:    

During Proteus-DT's start-up phase, I freelanced as a designer, working on projects such as website and logo design. After further studies, I held a Visual Merchandiser role for luxury brands before returning to Proteus-DT as a UI/UX designer. I then progressed to Lead UI/UX designer, expanding the team and managing projects. Currently, I oversee both the design and marketing teams, aligning strategies with overall business goals. 

Hobbies and Interests:

My hobbies include learning new songs on the piano and swimming. I’m also interested in crystals, intrigued by how they are formed and the symbolic energy they possess.

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