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Design Lead

Tan Jia Qi

Jia Qi is an expressive person and believes design is the easiest way to channel her views. Creating comes easy to her. Jia Qi describes herself as being nurturing, a team-player, and expressive. She don’t get tables (for this reason, we have removed her desk in the office), but love diagrams. She is a very visual person, and is making us spend too much on markers. You can say she’s a day dreamer too! For her, the most interesting ideas usually strikes in the shower. She also said she likes to look at pretty things in the shower. The team felt that there were no need to further probe on the topic due to office policies.

Jia Qi is our Design Lead and is passionate in UI/UX. With experience in creating user-centred designs, wireframes and prototype. Jia Qi leads the design team and strive to understand client’s needs and wow them through their well thought out design systems and attractive user interfaces.

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