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Custom Software Development:
Digitalising your Business

We’ll meticulously analyse your business processes and requirements to craft tailored digital solutions that perfectly align with your unique needs.  

Our Services

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Custom Web App

With our technological expertise and a user-centric mindset, we go above and beyond to craft optimal software solutions for your specific needs that align seamlessly with your processes.

UX Web Design Services and Web Development


A compelling website is essential to establish your online presence. Let us assist you in crafting a custom website that effectively engages your audience and kickstart your digital journey. 

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Business Process

Whether you aim to streamline operations or integrate innovative technologies, our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring your business is optimised for the digital age.

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Collaborate with us to enhance your organisation’s

efficiency, drive growth,
and gain a competitive edge. 

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Why work with us?


At our core, we prioritise understanding your unique needs and those of your end-users. This ensures that every solution we create provides a seamless user experience while effectively addressing your specific business pain points.   

Lean Thinking

This approach serves as a guiding principle, influencing our design, development and delivery of software solutions customised to the dynamic demands of our customers. We prioritise efficient development, optimising resource use, and creating value.   

Growth Mindset

This mindset is foundational to our custom software development agency, emphasising continuous learning and adaptability. It propels us to view challenges as opportunities, ensuring our team evolves to continuously meet our customers' specific needs with innovative and customised software solutions. 

Featured Works


First Principle Education 

This productivity tool features a shared calendar that lets schools and teachers assign tasks and plan lessons seamlessly, complete with a fun point system. Students will only need one sleek calendar to keep everything in check.

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FPE - Button 1
FPE - Button 2
FPE - Form 1
FPE - Form 2
Go-Log - Screen 2
Go-Log - Screen 1
Go-Log - Data 3
Go-Log - Data 1
Go - Log - Button 2
Go-Log - Button 1
Go-Log - Data 2


Go Box Logistics

A logistic system uniquely made a fast growing business. Effortlessly process, track and fulfil orders, eliminating the hassle of dealing with complex delivery systems. What's more, it's easily scalable, ready to evolve with the business as it grows.


First Affiliation

A transformative journey for an insurance group, establishing a digital presence starting from a website. With a warm design approach, it captivates users and keeps them engaged. The new website now effortlessly gathers leads, fostering meaningful connections.

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first affiliation group about page

Our Clients

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Yunglee Records
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First Principle Education

While developing our app, Proteus did an excellent job of managing and meeting expectations. Their communication was clear and effective, and they were always available to answer questions and provide project updates. We highly recommend their app development services.


Nail Haus

We engaged Proteus for our website revamp project, the process was fast and efficient. The team is also responsive and extremely helpful. After the positive experience working with Proteus, they are now managing our hosting too. Thanks for the assistance!


Project Whiz

My experience with PROTEUS was great, fast response whenever I raised an issue found or wanted some adjustment to the project. My product contain tedious financial calculations and PROTEUS was able to understand what I wanted. Their 1st draft of the product was immediately a good sign to me, showing their understanding of the project. Without fail, I recommended PROTEUS to a couple of my friends.


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Receive up to 50% funding support through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) 


  • Business entity registered and operating in Singapore 

  • Company has at least 30% local equity 

  • Financially ready to start and complete the project

If you wish to develop a custom web app and are seeking to apply for the grant, Proteus-DT has specialised, in-house PMC-certified managers who will assist you with the entire EDG application process from start to end: 

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EDG Process 3
EDG Process 2
EDG Process 4
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