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Modular ERP System: What It Is & Its Benefits For Companies

image showing modular component of ERP solution

Over the past few decades, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have grown to be a crucial tool for businesses. An ERP solution automates crucial business procedures and acts as a central database for all operational data from various departments throughout the organisation. It obtains this information through a number of modules created to assist different departments, such as accounting, supply chain, and human resources, in carrying out their particular duties.

What are ERP system modules?

Each ERP module is created with a focus on a particular company function — delivering the information and supporting the procedures needed for those people to do their duties. Every module interfaces into the ERP system, so even when the company adds additional modules, the system offers a single source of correct data.

Common ERP modules handle back and front-office tasks including finance and accounting, HR, inventory management, marketing automation supply chain management, CRM procurement, and more.

Users may select the ERP modules they require and deploy only those modules. In essence, modular ERP systems allow businesses to start small and get only what they truly need.

How do modular ERP systems help businesses?

Saves cost

Investing in an entire ERP system can be costly — especially if your company does not need all its features at this very moment. Modular ERP systems solve that issue by allowing companies to only get what they need. This helps to save costs, which can come in particularly handy for smaller organisations or young start-ups who may not have a large sum of money to begin with.

To put it simply, modular ERP systems give SMEs the option to pay just for the modules used, enabling them to benefit from the full-featured ERP software they truly need at a lesser cost.

Saves time and increases productivity

The structure of a modular ERP system enables it to adapt to changing company demands. As your organisation develops, you may then add ERP modules to handle any new requirements or difficulties. The key advantage of modular ERP software is that it allows for the addition of features while maintaining the same framework. When requirements change, there is no need to create a new ERP system altogether, which is a time-consuming procedure.

Plus, you offer your organisation more time to adapt to new business processes and make any necessary modifications when you adopt your ERP solution in phases over time. Modular ERP systems allow your employees to become acquainted with one or two modules instead having to master the full system from scratch – increasing their productivity levels significantly.

Choosing the right modules for your business

While there are a few modules that make sense for the majority of organisations (such as finance and accounting modules), the ERP modules your business should invest in will depend on your business model, industry, present challenges, and other variables.

For those in client-facing businesses, a customer relationship management (CRM) system is crucial. On the other hand, a small HR firm may only get a Human Resource Management system to help manage their business.


The bottom line? If your company is currently struggling with streamlining your business processes, it may be worthwhile to consider investing in a modular ERP system.

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