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The Problem With Generic Off-The-Shelf ERP Systems

The Problem With Generic Off-The-Shelf ERP Systems

Are ERP systems too difficult to use and implement?

A pre-built, off-the-shelf ERP system is a piece of software that comes with all the generic samples, tools, and functionality.

Off-the-shelf software may be used right away without having to wait too long for design or development. This is because such software solutions were created with the intention of serving the demands of a large number of customers and were designed for the mass market. However, this is a double-edged sword as this means that certain functionalities may not meet the demands of specific enterprises, rendering them entirely redundant.

The bad news is you would not be able to alter off-the-shelf ERP systems to meet your unique business requirements as they have been built for generic usage. The following limitations of off-the-shelf ERP systems often lead to significant losses for a business long-term:

1. Changes can be challenging, if not, impossible

With off-the-shelf ERP systems, modification and unique upgrades are typically not feasible. Such generic software systems may find it challenging to expand with the company due to this lack of flexibility. Because they are unable to be tweaked to suit the evolving demands of the organisation, companies that utilise off-the-shelf ERP systems often have limited control over the system and may find it challenging to take their business to greater heights.

2. A one-size-fits-all approach that does not suit business needs

Although the goal of off-the-shelf ERP software is to integrate with any business infrastructure already in place, this isn’t always the case. Some companies utilising generic software may run into integration problems or have difficulties getting the programme to function with their business’s current procedures. Software that is designed in a one-size-fits-all manner can never be ideal for every user. In order for the programme to operate correctly, businesses might be required to reformat or alter some of their present procedures.

3. Tools that lack functionality

Software that is available off-the-shelf is made to function for a wide range of enterprises. Developers frequently aim to provide as many features and capabilities as they can while creating software solutions for the mass market. Unfortunately, this frequently has negative consequences. ERP systems that have too many tools and capabilities may be difficult to use and/or have limited functionality. It may be challenging to use the platform if there are too many settings and options, which ultimately costs time and reduces business productivity.

The solution: Custom ERP systems

Nonetheless, when done right, having an ERP system can help significantly in streamlining business operations and boosting overall productivity. And that is where customisation comes in.

Choosing to engage a custom app developer in Singapore such as PROTEUS-DT to help with developing a custom ERP system for your business means that your ERP system will be built based on the needs and processes of your company. You will be able to select the features and elements that go into the final product, ensuring that it would be exactly what your business needs. Simply put, a custom ERP system is tailored specifically to your organisation.

Here are some examples of how custom ERP systems can help various industries:

  • Oil and gas industry: provide data and alerts to relevant personnel in the event of a threat; manage and facilitate business operations.

  • Manufacturing industry: allows businesses to adopt a paperless approach; makes it easy to track business performance and improve customer experience.

  • Education industry: manage a large pool of students, staff, and data.


Regardless of size or industry, an off-the-shelf ERP system is not always the ideal option for every business. Fortunately, there is an option to develop unique custom ERP software that gives businesses the competitive advantage they need to thrive.

If you are looking for custom app development in Singapore, PROTEUS-DT is the one for you. Our professional team is skilled and equipped with the relevant experience to build your dream software using no-code technology. With no-code, we are able to develop impeccable prototypes or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) much quicker – we’re talking weeks instead of months! And once you have your idea solidified, we can help you scale it to a production level quality.

Interested to learn more or want to build your dream custom ERP system? Get in touch with us here today!


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