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Why You Should Engage A UX & UI Specialist For Your Start-Up

Why Your Start-Up Needs a UX & UI Specialist

When you are in the early stages of a new business idea for your start-up, gathering the right people could possibly be the secret to making this idea a reality. One of the key people you should consider getting on board your project is an effective UX and UI specialist. In this article, we discuss the role a UX and UI specialist plays and why you should consider consulting one for your start-up.

What does a UX or UI specialist do?

UX and UI specialists are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise on how to create and achieve the best possible user experience.

Typically, user experience (UX) consultants and user interface (UI) designers are two separate roles. A UX consultant would conduct research to identify and understand the needs and habits of product users. UI designers, on the other hand, are responsible for using the information provided by either a client or UX consultant to create a well-structured and visually stunning look for the user interface.

A UX and UI specialist is often someone who possesses the skills of both a UX consultant and UI designer, enabling them to provide you with a comprehensive analysis and help you implement suitable UX and UI strategies to improve your brand’s digital presence.

Why consult a development firm with UX and UI experience?

With an understanding of the role of a UX and UI specialist, the question lies, why should you consider consulting a development firm with UX and UI experience for your start-up? We explore a few of the reasons and benefits of engaging an effective UX and UI specialist below.

Boosts conversion rates

A user-friendly interface that is suited to a customer’s preferences and fulfils their needs is more likely to encourage conversion. When customers find the experience of browsing your website or application a fuss-free, easy and pleasant experience, they are more likely to perform the desired interactions. What’s more, UX and UI specialists understand the need for leaving users with a clear call-to-action such as “contact us today” or “subscribe to our mailing list” that encourages them to take a step in the right direction to become a customer.

Increases customer engagement and interaction

A great UX and UI specialist is able to conduct in-depth research on how the interface should look to attract potential customers. UX and UI design motivate users to interact with the content you have on your site or app – no matter if this is in the form of videos, blog articles or images.

Additionally, UX and UI design allow for consistent, comfortable and familiar designs for users. With predictable elements such as menus and headers, navigating your site or app becomes intuitive and easy for users. This reduces the risk of them getting frustrated trying to learn how to use your interface and eventually leaving the site or app altogether.

Builds brand loyalty

Research has found that 21 per cent of users tend to abandon an app after a couple of uses. Modern UX and UI design place a huge emphasis on personalising user experiences. For instance, pop-ups such as “you will also like these products” or “recommended for you” are likely more effective in grabbing and retaining people’s attention. In fact, studies have found that 56 per cent of people have stated that they are more likely to return to a website or app that shows personalised recommendations. When customers feel like they are valued and enjoy a personalised experience each time they visit your site or app, they are more likely to return, thus building your brand’s loyalty.


It is undeniable that engaging an effective UX and UI specialist can do wonders for your start-up. Besides providing your customers with a positive user experience, a UX and UI specialist can help your business attract and retain new customers as well.

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