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Marketing Associate

Azyani A'mirah

In my role as a Marketing Associate at Proteus, I collaborate closely with my team to craft compelling content and diligently ensure that my tasks harmonise with our overarching marketing strategy.

Experience and Expertise:

Since my freshman year, I've gained hands-on experience in the dynamic realms of both traditional and digital marketing. It revolves around campaign, content creation, copywriting and event management. This journey has not only equipped me with a diverse skill set but has also allowed me to witness and adapt to the evolving landscape of marketing throughout my career.

Typical Day at the Office:

I started my day in the office by checking email and my to-do list, doing research for marketing content, keeping up with the latest technology news and discuss it with my colleague to develop deeper knowledge and exchange idea.

Hobbies and Interests:

I like to play with my cats and going for a walk.

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