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Chief Executive Officer

Ben Teo

As the spearhead of Proteus-DT, I create opportunities for the company by building networks across Southeast Asia. I specialise in understanding diverse industry insights and providing different technological perspectives to enhance business processes and productivity.  


Experience & Expertise:  

Since establishing Proteus-DT in 2017 with a focus on brand design, I successfully transitioned our services to specialise in digital transformation consultancy. My prior experience includes sales and deploying SAP B1 solutions, predominantly serving the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. Over the years, I have enhanced my professional qualifications by acquiring two significant certifications:  

  • The WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) has equipped me with the expertise to develop high-performing teams capable of executing complex digitalisation projects.  

  • The Advanced Certificate in Business Digitalisation and Transformation from Singapore Management University (SMU), enables me to steer management teams through the intricacies of digital transformation effectively.  


Fun Fact:   

I was a Go-kart racer and competed professionally.   

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