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UI Designer

Catherine Tan

A heavy sleeper and a light eater. Catherine is one of our expert designers. In her alone time, she basically becomes a cat. Hiding in the corners, doing nothing, or just laying in bed – guess that’s how she got her name. In the office, Catherine puts work and others before her, and puts in 110% effort to meet project deliverables. Catherine has a small body, but big personality. She is not afraid of challenges and whatever that lies ahead. She is rarely seen in coloured clothing, other than black or white.

We are praying that she is not a witch, as we do not have the relevant approval not quota to hire one. Catherine is well-versed in wire-framing and creating mockups to help communicate our proposals to clients. Like a cat, she is nimble and swift. She may look outgoing, but she definitely will poop on you if you step on her tail.

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