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Junior UIUX Designer

Joanne Tan

As a Junior UI/UX Designer at Proteus-DT, I convey my design ideas, develop both low and high-fidelity designs, and collaborate with the development team to ensure our designs align with the goals of businesses and end-users. Additionally, I’m actively learning about no-code tools for application development.

Experience and Expertise:

After graduating with a psychology degree, I explored diverse fields such as F&B, HR, Event Management, and Education. My past experiences include creating digital illustrations and teaching music. My specialty revolves around anything related to people, art, or music!

Typical Day at the Office:

Every day is a dynamic blend of designing, problem-solving, and brainstorming. I engage in daily stand-ups and meetings, collaborate with talented colleagues, and bond over lunch. Each day brings opportunities for learning, making my time at Proteus-DT fulfilling and inspiring.

Hobbies and Interests:

I enjoy playing the piano and ukulele, swimming, especially in the ocean, and baking. I'm currently honing my baking skills to make delicious treats that I can enjoy!

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