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Systems Design & Analyst

Sarah Low

Working as a system design and Analysis, I specialize myself in working behind the scenes in developing Proteus Products. I ensure that all functions in the products work as intended according to our client’s scope. To maintain and develop these products requires a lot of knowledge and understanding of these systems in order to efficiently maintain and develop products in the long run.

Experience and Expertise:  

I previously worked in Hitachi Ebworx as an Application Engineer under big projects under large multinational corporations such as OCBC and CIMB. One of the projects I used to work is OCBC Loan Lifestyle Management System.

I currently specialize in Front-End Development (React, Javascript, Typescript) although I have some experience with Backend Development (Sprintboot & Maven)

Hobbies and Interests:

Playing games and developing mods for Minecraft. Games give me an understanding on how to face challenges in life and developing Mods in Minecraft increases my knowledge in certain programming languages.

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