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Showcasing innovative solutions that have led to transformative outcomes


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  • What is No Code?
    No code is a way to create software or applications without writing traditional computer code. Using Visual Programming tools, a no-code developer will work their magic on a blank canvas to develop the software using logic and workflows. (Read More)
  • What is Digital Transformation?
    Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of an organisation's operations, processes, and culture to fundamentally change how it operates and delivers value to customers. By embracing digital transformation, businesses can optimise their operations, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape. (Read More)
  • How does No code help a startup?
    For startups that have a great idea to launch in the market, we develop Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and prototype’s using No Code Technology that is faster to develop, provides better ROI, and highly flexible. (Read More)
  • How does No-Code help an enterprise?
    For enterprises that want to improve their business processes, we provide websites, custom web applications, automation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems using No-Code Technology that is faster to implement and offers integration abilities of data across your organization. (Read More)
  • Are there any case studies available?
    Find the case studies of our projects here.
  • What is the first step if I need a digital transformation for my business?
    If you have something you want to build, drop us a message here and we will discover the possibilities together!
  • Are there any eligible grants?
    Yes! Singaporean-owned entities will be eligible for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and this grant will support up to 50% of the cost. PROTEUS have specialised in-house PMC-certified managers that can help you with EDG. Talk to us to learn more!

Why Partner With Proteus

Proteus works on providing quality services by understanding customer requirements and providing solutions based on experience and industry standards. Tapping into our niche skillset and expertise, we aim to help entrepreneurs kickstart their innovations and businesses in their digital transformation journey.

What’s more, our web app developer team is fully based in Singapore, allowing us to provide fast and reliable customer support. We place quality above everything else. If you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile, then look no further.

Practising Management Consultant PMC

PMC no. 11059

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With No Code, technology is affordable.
Digital transformation, now for everyone.

No-code Era

Really enjoy working with you guys. There were some concerns here and there but you guys are very responsive and reacted really promptly. Things to do AND also maybe some additional scope or changes were given to you guys along the way but you guys displayed real responsibility and carried it through. Really appreciate.

Offset Technologies

one word to describe Proteus: Respons-ible/ive

Our Clients

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How We Do It

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through no-code

We create






Why no-code? 

  • Transform your business faster than competitors
  • Scale and Upgrade your system as your business grows
  • Achieve more value with the same investment

We Are Service

Custom Software Solution

We believe every business have different challenges and require fully customised solutions which accurately tailored to unique requirements. 

Integration & Automation

Business that already uses multiple platform but faces trouble with double entry.  Therefore we don't reinvent the wheel by automating and integrating multiple platforms together creating an ecosystem.

Website Development

The first step to digitalise business is to have a website that showcase product and services through branding.  We believe that a good website has to be aesthetically pleasing and also user centric.

🔧 Development - Making Dreams Digital

Your hours of brainstorming, the endless cups of coffee, those lightbulb moments – we value them all. Our seasoned developers harness the power of cutting-edge no-code technology, transforming your vision into digital realities.


🧠 Introducing No-Code: The Future of Development

Unfamiliar with no-code? Don't fret. While it might sound avant-garde, it's a progressive web app development approach that levels up what traditional coding offers. Think of it as evolution in the tech world – faster, more adaptable, and incredibly efficient. This methodology grants our specialists the freedom to zero in on your desired results, crafting bespoke digital experiences tailored just for you.


💡 Workflow – The Magic Behind the Scenes

  • Programming Dynamics: This is where your system is starting to take shape. We craft system conditions, events, and actions.

  • Technical Framework: Seamless API integration, robust backend development, and meticulous data source setup.


🛠 Quality Assurance – Perfecting the Craft

Dedication to excellence is our mantra. We delve deep:

  • Test Mastery: Setting up test cases, thorough system assessments, and ensuring top-notch performance.

  • User-Centric Tests: Emphasising UI/UX design evaluations and application testing to guarantee a user-friendly experience.


🤝 Handover – The Final Mile

With PROTEUS-DT, the journey doesn't end at deployment. We stand by you, ensuring every pixel, every line of code, resonates with perfection.

Embarking on a digital journey requires trust, expertise, and innovation. At Proteus, we promise all three and more. Let’s redefine the web, one custom app at a time.


  • Discuss project objectives

  • Understand project requirements


  • Establish measurements for success

  • Develop a project plan

  • Identify risks

  • Establishing system and user behaviour

  • Defining system database

Digital Transformation Consultation

  • Business process analysis

  • Understanding and capturing data

  • Introduce software solutions

  • Redesign processes

  • Baseline setting

We pride ourselves in delivering quality work. Which means the final product needs to meet your expectations. Sit down with our experts and help us find out more about what you need.


In order for a project to be successful, good planning is imperative. We are different from your regular software development firm. We don’t work on your requirements on first glance.

Tapping on to our expertise and knowledge, we bring suggestions to your problems, advise on best practices, and adapt solutions to fit you.

The backbone of systems and processes are crucial and we spare no effort in ensuring that every detail is planned out perfectly.

Connecting Beyond Boundaries

Reach out to us at +65 8338 5057 or drop us a message at You can also browse our portfolio to see our previous transformative projects, or check out our blog section for the latest trends and insights on digital transformation, and more.

Join the digital revolution with PROTEUS-DT, where every project is a journey of innovation and growth. 


Stay connected with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Welcome to the future.

At PROTEUS-DT, we help businesses search for transformative digital solutions. Our ethos is simple yet powerful — we blend the art of understanding businesses with the science of technology. This is what sets us apart from a regular software development firm.




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Why Choose Us for Web App Development Singapore?

The city-state of Singapore buzzes with innovation. As frontrunners in web application development, we channel this energy to create solutions that resonate with the local market while having a global appeal. Our expert developers are adept at understanding the unique needs of each industry, ensuring a tailor-made approach that promises efficiency, scalability, and a competitive edge.

Join us on this transformative journey. Let's redefine your industry standards, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital race. With PROTEUS-DT, embark on a digital adventure where boundaries are pushed, horizons are expanded, and success is redefined.

Transforming Industries, One App at a Time

Digital transformation is no longer just a trend — it's a necessity. The metamorphosis from traditional practices to digitised operations is what sets a business apart in this competitive age. At the heart of this transformation lies web application development — the art of crafting digital solutions tailored for diverse industries.

🎯 Industries We Illuminate

  1. Project Management - Streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration.

  2. Passion Projects - Giving wings to your hobbies and personal endeavors.

  3. Lifestyle - Augmenting everyday experiences in the urban jungle.

  4. F&B - Digital menus, reservations, and everything in between.

  5. Insurance & Marketing - Automating policies, claims, and campaigns.

  6. Car & Dealership - Digital showrooms, inventory, and after-sales service.

  7. Software as a Service (SaaS) - Building tools for tomorrow's businesses.

  8. Property & Construction - Custom-calculators, project management, and more.

  9. Education - E-learning platforms, digital classrooms, and admin tools.

  10. Freight Forwarding - Simplifying shipping with digital documentation.

  11. Logistics & Transportation - Route optimization, fleet management, and real-time tracking.

  12. Hospitality & Airlines - Booking systems, customer service, and digital concierge services.

Why PROTEUS-DT for Web Development Solutions?

  1. Beyond one-size-fits-all: Because every business is unique, we go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions and craft strategies and services that are specifically designed to suit your individual company demands.

  2. Masters of diversity: From salons to schools, we can build many solutions for one problem. No matter the industry or need, we can customise for you.

  3. Inventive to the core: We love to break the ice of innovation — whether you want something modern or with a touch of old fashion, we can design a website that speaks for your business.

So, why wait? Let's tackle your business problems together and bring your visions to life. Ready to co-author the next chapter? PROTEUS-DT is just a call away.

Not Just a Tool for Modernisation, But a Revolution in Digital Transformation


Booking system • E-commerce • Payment Gateway • Review • Membership 

Software as a Service (Saas)

Customer Relation Management • Social Media • Content Management System •  POS •  On demand system


POS system • Payment gateway • Kitchen Management • Table Ordering • Supplier Procurement • Payroll System


Quotation System • Supplier Management • Purchase Order • Pricelist • E-signing

Car & Dealership

Inventory • Sale agreement • Purchase Agreement • Invoicing • Payment • Receipt • Commission • Bank Loan Application • Insurance Application • Hire Purchase 


Learning Management System • Digital Classroom • Video Calling • Assignment Timetable  Scheduling

Freight Forwarding

Bill of lading generation • Invoicing • Inventory • Delivery Order  Freight Manifest  Demurrage Calculation

Logistics & Transportation

Warehouse Management System • Picking & Packing • Delivery Order • Unstuffing • EPOD • GPS tracking • Assigning • Fleet Management

Hospitality & Airlines

Payroll System • Invoicing • Accounting

Beyond Pixels and Code: Digital Transformation the PROTEUS-DT Way

When you think of web development, what comes to mind? Lines of code, complex algorithms, or perhaps intricate designs? But at PROTEUS-DT, we see it differently. We see art. We craft simple and easy-to-navigate web development solutions without the complexities that coding brings.

Crafting Stories Across Sectors through Website Development Singapore


Transform your salon with an integrated system that streamlines bookings, optimises membership management, and simplifies payments.


Revolutionise your café with a digital solution that instantly sends orders to the kitchen, provides real-time stock updates to chefs, and enables seamless tap-to-pay options.

Car & Dealership

Enhance a showroom experience with a tracking system for sales, swift loan processing, and a customer service interface that guarantees satisfaction.


Upgrade your factory operation with a platform that connects suppliers at the click of a button and turns every quote into a potential sealed deal.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Reimagine digital tools by creating CRM systems reminiscent of friendly chats and content systems that make every post a delightful experience.


Transform learning with a digital campus that brings lessons to life, automates schedule planning, and makes assignments engaging and meaningful.

Logistics & Transportation

Craft a logistics network where every package's journey is traceable, GPS does more than locate, and fleets run with optimum efficiency.

...and many more sectors benefit from our problem-solving approach to website development.

Our Vision and Mission are Simple.

  1. Celebrate Uniqueness: In a world of templates and one-size-fits-all solutions, we believe in the power of custom. Because every business has its own heartbeat and its own rhythm,

  2. Collaborate to Elevate: We're not just your average application developer Singapore offers — we're your partner. Together, we identify, plan, and address your unique digital needs.

  3. No-Code, More Magic: We champion no-code solutions. Streamlined, efficient, and customisable to the core, it ensures you stay unique in an ever-evolving market.

No code

We believe every business is unique and deserve it’s own customised digital solution

With our business optimisation framework, we discover business’ current needs through close collaboration and extensive planning.

We help business’ stay unique through customisable no-code solutions that are of quality and scalable based on progessive needs.

Welcome to Proteus-DT, a software consultancy and development firm that aspires to be the bridge between technology and businesses, where our clients’ success remains our unwavering priority.  

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Years Experience



Apps Developed

The Fast. The Scalable. The Integrable.

Why? Because when you're building the future, you can't be stuck in the past.


We’re not your average website developer in Singapore. Here's why:

  • Tailored for Tomorrow: Start-ups with dreams bigger than their budgets SMEs aiming for the stars? We’ve got your back. Our custom-made applications are both flexible and scalable, growing as you do.

  • 6 Glorious Years, 50+ Success Stories: Every app we develop and every project we undertake adds to our legacy. A legacy of quality, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Web Development Agency in Singapore

Achieve Your Digital Transformation Dreams

Welcome to the crossroads of creativity and technology. Nestled among the dynamic streets of Singapore, we're not just another website development company Singapore has on its directory; we are PROTEUS-DT, a hub of innovation and digital artistry.

📍 Find Us in the Pulse of Progress

  • Main Office: 2 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange, S608526 - where ideas soar and solutions are born.

  • Workshop: 30 Tuas South Ave 2, Singapore 637542 - our creative sandbox.

Contact Us: The Digital Conversations Start Here

📞 Dial In: +65 8338 5057 - Let’s talk dreams, designs, and digital wonders.
💌 Mail Us: - Drop a note, start a journey.

  1. Singaporean Spirit: Born and bred in Singapore, we grasp the unique business ecosystem here. We’re deeply rooted but global in our outlook.

  2. Bespoke Beauty: Think custom. As a leading custom web development agency, we believe in curating experiences, not just websites.

  3. One-Stop Digital Boutique: From a budding start-up to a thriving enterprise, we're here for every stage of your digital voyage.


Singapore, with its fusion of cultures and future-forward drive, deserves digital platforms that mirror its vibrancy. And that’s precisely our promise. Turn to PROTEUS-DT, and let's co-create the web's next marvel.

Why PROTEUS-DT as Your Custom Web Development Agency?

First Principle Education 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

This productivity tool features a shared calendar that lets schools and teachers assign tasks and plan lessons seamlessly, complete with a fun point system. Students will only need one sleek calendar to keep everything in check.

This productivity tool features a shared calendar that lets schools and teachers assign tasks and plan lessons seamlessly, complete with a fun point system. Students will only need one sleek calendar to keep everything in check.

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