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No-Code: The Up & Coming Favourite Of Digital Transformation

No-Code: The Rising Star of Digital Transformation

As the transition from traditional software development to no-code development continues, it is vital to learn how this robust technology can transform the way your business operates.

In recent years, no-code has seen a dramatic rise in adoption, especially with the outbreak of the pandemic, which has led to a rapid acceleration of digital transformations of businesses globally. Even in this era of post-pandemic, wherein the economy is slowly reverting back to normalcy, the growth of no-code continues to gain momentum.

The future of code is no code at all

It is undeniable that in order to succeed, businesses must be able to adapt to technological changes. A web application development company in Singapore is skilled in no-code can assist local enterprises in the development of digital solutions and customised commercial applications. For instance, as compared to the traditional Microsoft Excel, a custom application developed using no-code can help combat human errors and speed up processes, which will help make the business much more efficient overall.

The rise of no-code

It is no secret that no-code is taking the world over by storm – but just how fast is the market growing?

According to an article published by the Innovation Partner for Impact (IPI) Singapore, the no-code market is projected to grow from $3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billion by 2022. Additionally, research has shown that the global market forecast for no-code is to reach $187 billion by 2030.

These statistics illustrate just how big the market is, and that it is only continuing to grow.

The reason behind the boom of no-code

When it comes to the reasons behind the rise of no-code, the time-saving benefits of this technology are the primary reason for its popularity. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting in 2019 has found that 84% of enterprise organisations see no-code as an asset that drives digital transformation and have turned to no-code development.

While task-oriented time savings, automation, and flexibility are found to be the top three reasons why companies continue to invest in no-code technologies, many organisations see that the technology has the ability to solve various business challenges at the same time.

During a panel at VentureBeat’s No-Code Summit, WestCap’s Chief Data Scientist Erika Janowicz mentioned that no-code has given her company the competitive edge with its scalability and adaptability.

Use cases of no-code

In a survey on global no-code application adoption for 2021, Statista found that data modelling and visualisation are the key uses of 33% of respondents. Other use cases identified by respondents were data security, process automation, and e-commerce apps.

Apart from these, some of the other main uses of no-code for businesses are as follows:

  • To improve IT responsiveness

  • To improve overall operational efficiency

  • To increase the speed with which digital transformation and innovation take place

  • Data management applications

  • Business process applications

  • Platform integration


The growth of no-code and the number of businesses using this technology is expected to grow tremendously over the next couple of years. Based on the statistics mentioned above, it is undeniable that companies all over the world have gained a ton from no-code.

If you are looking to hop on the no-code train towards digital transformation for your business, PROTEUS-DT has got your back. We are a company that specialises in custom web application development in Singapore using no-code technology. We strive to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s needs and work with you to address them through our discovery meetings. We can assist your firm in growing and reaching new heights with our practical solutions.

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